1270GWheeled Harvesters

  • Effective, versatile and productive
  • Strong and accurate harvester heads
  • CH7 harvester boom
  • Pleasant working environment

Productivity has improved by at least 10-15 percent.

Jari Rantanen
Operator, Kuljetusliike Juhani Tuominen Oy, Finland
John Deere 1270G

Fuel-efficient and powerful

The John Deere 1270G consumes significantly less fuel than its predecessor, but boasts even more power. The increased output is particularly big in the 6-wheel machine, which now has the same power as the 8-wheel machine, i.e. 200 kW instead of the previous 170 kW. The torque has also been boosted: by as much as 17% in the 6-wheel machine and 5% in the 8-wheel machine. Fuel consumption, however, is very low – and that results in significant direct savings over the lifetime of the machine.

John Deere 1270G 8 wheeler working in Scotland.

John Deere 1270G 8 wheeler working in Scotland.