John Deere Expert Check 7+

Expert Check

Expert Check 7+ – Long live your John Deere

Older or secondary machines should be kept in best shape, too. The Expert Check 7+ is a cost-efficient way to keep them in top form. Specially designed and tested services and budget friendly solutions grant more uptime, comfort and safety.


Keep Trusted Machinery Running

Our machines are built to last, that's why we offer this special service designed for machines more than 7 years old. Inspections report the state of your trusted workhorse and offer multiple part solutions according to your cost range and usage. Better to solve problems before they occur. A smart way to keep performance up and costs down. Expert Check 7+ is available on tractors, combines, self propelled harvesters, sprayers, and balers.


Expert Check 7+ for all Machines

Whether it's a tractor, a combine or a sprayer: if your John Deere machine is more than 7 years old, our Expert Check 7+ is the right choice. Decide quickly and easily which maintenance you want to have carried out based on the results delivered to you by our experts. This way, your machine will continue to perform at its best as it ages.


Expert Check As Good As New

Your machine is still relatively new or not yet 7 years old? Even then, a timely check can save a lot of money. After a hard working season, your primary machine needs a check up to be up for the next. Our experts run tests to make sure every part is ready to run as smooth as new. A factory proven inspection list covers everything critical to safety and uptime. To find out more about our general Expert Check, simply click on the button below.

Your advantages



Our thorough technical inspection makes sure that your machine is available when you need it.


Reduced cost of operation

With Expert Check 7+ and our large machine population we can benefit from multiple solutions for parts replacement, such as Original Parts, Alternatives by John Deere and Reman. This results in a significant cost reduction up to 40% in parts price as well as a big benefit of the preventive inspection: Huge reduction of collateral risks!


Optimal safety

Our technicians have undergone extensive training and years of experience inspecting and maintaining John Deere machinery. They will find anything that could be a hazard to your safety.


More comfort

We'll check the cab suspension, accumulator, air conditioning, seat suspension and setting, to ensure you optimal comfort during your long working days!

Budget Friendly Parts



John Deere remanufactured (REMAN) parts are the sustainable choice: Enjoy a cut in price, but not in quality. 


Alternative Parts

The budget-friendly alternative approved by John Deere to keep machines running that might be used less than your primary equipment. Save wisely.

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