4WD harvester head H424

John Deere H424 harvester head

Excellent performance

The H424 is a 4WD harvester head with excellent performance, adjustability, control and economy.  Durability is improved through hose routing, and ease of service with location of grease points and hinged valve block cover. Greasing intervals are also longer.

New optional HD tilt frame available.

Improvements to the predecessor

  • New PEVO valve block for improved economy, adjustability and control, feed motor durability and productivity
  • Hydraulic hoses from the loader to the harvester head and from the valve block to the feed motors have been rerouted to increase service life and facilitate hose replacement.
  • Backwards tilt angle is greater.
  • Placement of rear delimbing knives has been changed.
  • Frame load-bearing capacity has improved when feeding backwards.
  • Handling of crooked stems has improved.
  • Color marking from rear knife is more accurate.
  • Jump-offs of saw chain has been reduced.

H424 tech specs

  • Weight 1100 kg
  • Max. felling diameter 620 mm
  • Max. feed roller opening 640 mm
  • Feeding speed 4,3-5,3 m/s
  • Feeding force 27 kN
  • Suitable base machines
    • 1070G with 8.6 m reach
    • 1170G with 10 m reach
    • 1270G 10 m and 11.7 m reach


Tapiolan Kone Oy, Finland, had two men testing the new H424 harvester head, both on thinnings and regeneration sites. The seasoned operator with 30 years of experience in the industry was also impressed with the rerouting of the hoses. The hoses were the first thing about the H424 harvester head that caught Teemu Suvela’s attention. They had been routed in a different way compared to the H414, which Suvela had used before.

Teemu Suvela and a H424 harvester head grabbing a tree“Right away, it seemed that the harvester head had a better design than its predecessor. With the new routing, it seemed that the durability of the hoses shouldn’t be a problem anymore,” Teemu Suvela (in the picture) says. Tapiolan Kone Oy put John Deere’s cutting edge H424 harvester head to the test in October.

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