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John Deere Manure Sensing


  • Reduce cost of spring mineral fertilisation
  • Achieve higher yields and more consistent crop quality by avoiding down crop
  • Quantify a value of 0.75 € to 1.50 €/m³
  • Site specific documentation of up to 4 nutrients
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    John Deere Manure Sensing


    Manure is a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. But, until now, natural variance and rapid settling left the success of manure fertilisation up to chance. With John Deere Manure Sensing, you can now precisely apply the slurry, based on a nutrient target and limit rate in kg/ha and even utilise site-specific prescription maps.

    With over 4,000 measurements per second our field proven HarvestLab sensor automatically controls the desired nutrient application rates on the go as accurately as never before. This helps you maximise yield and product quality while cutting costs on mineral fertiliser later in the spring.

    MANURE TYPE DRY MATTER (DM) N total P(P205) K(K20) NH4
    X X X X X
    Diary/Cattle X X X X X
    Biogas Digestate(will become available in 2017)
    X X X X X

    How John Deere Manure Sensing works

    • Setting the parameters

      Setting the parameters

      John Deere Manure Sensing is controlled intuitively, via the familiar GreenStar 2630 Display. Prior to application, you define the target quantity for a nutrient in the manure, for example nitrogen. Simultaneously, you can also define a limit rate for a second nutrient, such as phosphorus. To make it even more convenient and accurate you can also upload predefined application maps to your GreenStar 2630 Display.

    • Applying the nutrients

      Applying the nutrients

      During application the NIR sensor compares actual nutrient levels with the desired target levels and automatically controls the precise application of these, utilizing the unique capability of John Deere tractors with fully automated speed adjustment. If speed adjustment has reached its limits, for example when driving uphill, flow rates can be adjusted for selected slurry tanker brands. On non-John Deere tractors, speed adjustment is performed manually.

    • Documenting the application

      Documenting the application

      For contractors and farmers alike, it’s essential to record each manure fertilisation and the amount of nutrients applied. The GS3 2630 display can document up to 4 different nutrients that can also be viewed in the Operations Center. The site-specific documentation of organic nutrients applied then serves as a basis for further analysis and can be leveraged to create prescription maps to fill in the specific nutrient gaps with the next mineral fertilizer application.