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In The Forest

Next innovations in John Deere’s logging solutions

Forest machine owners and operators must be able to trust their machine in all working conditions. Today, a reliable, productive and easy-to-use forest machine is not just a wish but an absolute requirement. The new John Deere G-Series cut-to-length forest machines respond to the requirements for reliability, productivity and fuel efficiency, are of high quality and easy to operate. G-Series machines also offer exceptional fuel efficiency.

The high-quality G-Series machines are truly “More than a machine” supported by customer-focused service solutions and modern technology through a network of certified service professionals. Our customers have been asking for an all-round harvester for thinning and small clear-cutting, capable of performing on soft soils as well as steep hills. At Elmia Wood 2017, we are proud to introduce the eight-wheeled John Deere 1170G, a new harvester model developed through extensive work with our customers. The new model boosts new features, such as superb stability, low ground pressure, reliable productivity, and easy daily maintenance. The new engine lay-out in the model offers an even quieter working environment for the operator.

John Deere is known for its first-in-class innovations, such as the new Adaptive Driveline Control in the mid-size G-Series forwarders. It improves driving performance, reduces cabin noise and, most importantly, it significantly improves fuel efficiency. Yet another industry-leading innovation will be introduced at Elmia Wood: Intelligent Boom Control for harvesters, starting with the John Deere 1270G and its CH7 harvester boom. This innovative solution has changed the way to operate John Deere forwarders and, in the future, it will totally change the way harvesters are operated.

In this magazine, the customers who were testing the new John Deere products and features describe their experience. Are you looking for more than a machine? The John Deere innovations ensure unmatched value for your investment. Come meet us at Elmia Wood or contact your local dealer to learn more.

See you at Elmia Wood!

Tommi Ekman
General Manager
Marketing & Order Fulfillment
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John Deere 1170G 8-wheeled harvester: Stable machine for bogs and slopes

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