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Combine Calculator

The John Deere combine calculator

helps you to bring light into the shadow when it comes to getting facts on the table to optimize your business. It helps you:

  • to find opportunities to reduce costs (e.g. for wear parts)
  • increase your profit (e.g. thanks to reduced losses, more grain quality or more straw bales gathered per hectare).

Just select what you want to investigate and follow the instructions.

Your John Deere dealer 

is ready to help you to identify margin improvement opportunities for your business in providing professional demonstrations using tools to measure the difference John Deere combines make to your local operation in the field!

If you calculate the straw yield in tons per hectare this calculator is meant for you. Find out the value of the straw lying on your fields in Euro per hectare. Enter the area you usually bale, the straw yield and the price per ton. After a demo of a John Deere combine you might have noticed that the John Deere combine left more straw behind than your current combine thanks to the unique crop flow concept. If you want to understand what for example 20% more straw means in Euro per hectare just enter “20” next to the respective box. The calculator tells you the additional profit you can have in your pocket in Euro per hectare or on your entire baled area per year!


Straw Yield
Market price
Additional amount of straw which can be baled behind a John Deere combine


Total yield straw 2.500 t
Total profit 250,00 € / ha
Additional profit with the John Deere combine 25,00 € / ha
Additional profit with the John Deere combine 12.500,00 €

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