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Did you know that genuine John Deere hydraulic filters feature a special heavy-duty design with metal end caps, and a filter element sealed to the end plate? It guarantees you more performance and better protection for your hydraulic system.



John Deere hydraulic filters

John Deere hydraulic filters feature five hot glue melts to ensure even spacing for higher capacity. Other filters may feature only two hot glue melts. Our hydraulic filters are designed specifically to protect John Deere hydraulic systems from component wear and hydraulic surge flow. They keep contaminants out and prevent sludge and acid from damaging machines.


  • Even pleats provide a higher capacity for contaminants and longer service intervals
  • Extra hot glue melts strengthen media and ensure even spacing

The heart of efficient performance

Oil, fuel and air filters prevent harmful particles from entering the engine while also reducing fuel consumption. Dirty filters can increase fuel use by up to 5% per filter, so it is important to change filters as soon as they come to the end of their effective life. Because they have been designed specifically to work with our engines, we strongly recommend only ever using genuine John Deere filters. Inferior copies will always end up costing more than they save.

John Deere fuel filters

John Deere fuel filters

John Deere fuel filters feature tight pleats, coated media and a tight seal between the media and filter casing.

Water can cause serious damage to fuel systems. That’s why John Deere fuel filters are designed to not only trap water but to repel it as well. The specially coated filter media safely keeps water out while preventing rust and microbial growth that can lead to increased fuel consumption.


  • Tight pleats and evenly spaced media ensure high capacity to trap water and dust particles before they enter the fuel system
  • Coated filter media actively repels water and prevents it from soaking through into the fuel
  • Tight seal between the casing and the media prevents unfiltered fuel from entering the engine
John Deere oil filters

John Deere oil filters

John Deere oil filters have even media spacing with no gaps that could let contaminants through. Other filters may have irregular spacing, like the filter on the right.

Dirty oil makes the engine work harder, uses more fuel and shortens service intervals. John Deere oil filters are designed to trap particles as small as one fifth of the width of a human hair. Inferior filters have less dirt-holding capacity and allow damaging particles to enter the engine.


  • Even pleats and media spacing ensure consistent filtration and better performance
  • Spiral and crimped centre tube adds strength to prevent the filter media from collapsing
  • Rubber gaskets create a tighter seal than the plastic gaskets found on inferior filters
John Deere air filters

John Deere air filters

John Deere air filters are another high-quality line of defence against contaminants invading your engine. They reduce the engine wear by removing dust, dirt and other pollutants from intake air. They are highly efficient when it comes to trapping unwanted particles.


  • Even pleats and more actual filtration media ensure high efficiency and longer service intervals
  • Proper air flow ensures minimum flow restriction while capturing more contaminants than leading competitive air filters
  • A tight seal keeps contaminants from bypassing the filter