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Service Brakes

Checking and Adjusting Park Brake

NOTE: This adjustment should be performed on a smooth, level hard surface.

Testing Park Brake:

1. Park machine on a hard level surface.


2. Pull up the steering control levers (A) and push neutral locks (B) down and to the rear.

3. Move the speed control lever (C) to the NEUTRAL position.

4. Push and pull the machine. The brake arm (D) teeth should firmly grip both tire treads and the rear drive wheels should skid:

• Properly adjusted brakes will prevent drive wheels from turning.

• If the drive wheels turn, a brake adjustment will be needed.

Adjusting Park Brake:


1. Pull lever (E) to lock park brake.

2. Loosen the jam nuts (F) on threaded rod (G) at left side brake.

NOTE: It may be necessary to release tension on the linkage in order to adjust the threaded rod.

3. Turn rod clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary to adjust tension of left side brake arm (D). Tighten jam nuts.

NOTE: The right side brake arm is adjustable to accommodate varying tire sizes.


4. Loosen the two nuts (H) retaining slotted right-side brake arm (I) to bracket (J). Adjust the position of the arm as necessary, and tighten the nuts.

5. Test brake operation and repeat adjustment procedure if necessary.