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EU Gas Engine Emission Compliance

NOTE: The installed engines do comply with the European environmental engine emission directives 2002/88/EC and 97/68/EC based on the certificates received by the engine supplier.


Model 717E

Make Kawasaki

Engine Model Number FH580V

Displacement 585 cm3 (35.7 cu. in.)

Cylinders Two

Bore 74 mm (2.91 in.)

Stroke 68 mm (2.68 in.)

Compression Ratio 8.5:1

Speed, Fast Idle 3500 rpm

Speed, Slow Idle 1550 rpm

Operating Range 1500–3500 rpm

Valving OHV

Oil Filter Cartridge Type Full Flow

Cooling Type Air

Air Cleaner Canister Type

Spark Plug Gap 0.75 mm (0.030 in.)

Spark Plug Torque 22 N•m (16 lb-ft)

Valve Clearance (Intake and Exhaust) 0.004-0.006 in. (0.10-0.15 mm)


Pump Kanzaki DUP10A

Wheel Motors Parker TF-1

Number of Speeds Hydrostatic, Variable Speed

Electrical System

Charging System 13 amp Flywheel Alternator

Ignition Magneto

Starter Solenoid Shift

Fuel System

Fuel Type Regular Unleaded (Minimum 87 Octane)

Fuel Tank Location Under Operator Seat

Steering and Brakes

Steering Dual Control Levers

Steering Hydraulic

Park Brakes Automatic Drum/Shoe


Front 13 x 5-6

Rear 23 x 9.5-12

Inflation Front 110–138 kPa (16–20 psi)

Inflation Rear 69–97 kPa (10–14 psi)


Voltage 12 volt

CCA 340 amp

Reserve Capacity 67 minutes

BCI Group Size U1


Fuel Tank 32.1L (8.5 gal)

Transmission Oil (With Filter) 9.0L (9.5 qt)

Engine Oil (With Filter) 1.7 L (1.8 qt)

Travel Speeds at Full Engine RPM

Forward 0–13.6 km/h (0–8.5 mph)

Reverse 0–6.2 km/h (0–4 mph)


Wheel Base 1.22 m (48 in.)

Overall Height (ROPS up) 1.82 m (71 in.)

Overall Length 1.98 m (78 in.)

Overall Width (48-Inch Deck With Chute Up) 1.34 m (53 in.)

Overall Width (48-Inch Deck With Chute Down) 1.61 m (63.5 in.)

Weight 520 kg (1148 lb)

Recommended Lubricants

Engine Oil TURF-GARD™ OR PLUS-4™

Hydraulic Oil JD PLUS-50™ 15W-40 Synthetic Blend

Grease: (This may change for high-speed applications such as cutting units)

John Deere Multi-Purpose SD Polyurea Grease

John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease

(Specifications and design subject to change without notice.)

Sound Measurements

Averaged Sound Level at Work Station According to ISO11201:1995

717E without mower deck 83 dB(A) at 3640 r/min engine speed

717E with 122 cm (48 in.) side discharge mower deck 88 dB(A) at 3650 r/min engine speed

717E with 122 cm (48 in.) rear discharge mower deck 87 dB(A) at 3230 r/min engine speed

Vibration Measurement

Hand/Arm Measured Per EN836-A2

717E with 122 cm (48 in.) side discharge mower deck 0.9 m/s2

717E with 122 cm (48 in.) rear discharge mower deck 2.04 m/s2

NOTE: The values listed above represent the maximum weighted root mean square acceleration.

Whole Body Measured Per EN836-A2

717E with 122 (48 in.) side discharge mower deck 0.5 m/s2

717E with 122 (48 in.) rear discharge mower deck 0.22 m/s2

NOTE: The value or range listed above represents the weighted root means square acceleration to which the whole body is subjected on a representative machine during actual mowing and transport conditions. The acceleration value depends upon the roughness of the ground, the speed at which the tractor is operating and the operator weight and driving habits. Measurements were obtained through actual field data according to STD Procedure in EN836-A2.