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Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs

Safety-Alert Symbol

At several important places on this machine safety signs are affixed intended to signify potential danger. The hazard is identified by a pictorial in a warning triangle. An adjacent pictorial provides information how to avoid personal injury. These safety signs, their placement on the machine and a brief explanatory text are shown in this Safety section.

Safety Label Locations

M133159 MX18945

Avoid Injury From Battery Gases and Acids (A)

Batteries contain explosive gases and sulfuric acid. Use extreme caution when handling battery.


Stay clear of hot surfaces.


Avoid Quick Stops

• Move very slowly when attachment is removed

• Keep attachment low when transporting

• Reduce speed on slopes

TCU13892 MX18945


Help Avoid Injury

• Operator training required

• Read operator’s manual

• Know all controls

• Keep shields in place

• Maintain all safety devices

• Look behind before backing

• Keep children and others away

• Stay clear of power driven parts

• Do not operate where machine could tip

• Never carry riders

• Roll-over protection structure (ROPS) should be raised unless prohibited by low clearance operation

• Use seat belts unless ROPS is in lowered position

• Before leaving machine:

• Lower attachment to ground

• Stop engine

• Lock the park brake

• Remove key


Avoid Crushing

• Keep Rollover Protective Structure fully extended

• Do not jump if machine tips

• Use seat belt

When structure must be down

• Do not use seat belt

• Drive with extra care


To Maintain Steering Control And Stability

See operator’s manual for ballasting recommendations

CE Certification and Specifications Labels

TCU13521 TCU15322 TCU17632 TCU16073

A - 1435 Front Mower

B - 1445 Front Mower

C - 1545 Front Mower

D - 1565 Front Mower

• This label on your tractor indicates that this model has been certified and is in compliance with European Directive 98/37/EEC (89/392EEC) Standards.