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Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs

Safety-Alert Symbol

At several important places on this machine safety signs are affixed intended to signify potential danger. The hazard is identified by a pictorial in a warning triangle. An adjacent pictorial provides information how to avoid personal injury. These safety signs, their placement on the machine and a brief explanatory text are shown in this Safety section.


Avoid Injury From Rotating Blades

MX11250, MT6732

• Keep hands and feet away from rotating blades.

• Shut off engine before servicing, lubricating or removing cutting units.


MX11251, M60513

Help Avoid Injury

• Read operator’s manual for operating and training instructions.

• Keep shields in place.

• Keep people a safe distance away.

• Maintain all safety devices.

• Stop engine whenever you leave the mower.


Keep All Shields In Place

MX11252, M86639

• Do not operate machine without shield in place.


Hot Surface


• Hot surface do not touch

CE Certification, Specification and Sound Label


• This label on your machine indicates that this model has been certified and is in compliance with European Directive 98/37EEC (89/392EEC) and 2000/14/EC Standards.