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1. Uncrate tractor. Return steel envirocrate. Call 1-800-JDLAWNS for procedure if needed.

2. Remove tractor hood.


a. Lift rear of hood (A) and tilt to fully upright position.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Disconnect headlight harness before removing hood.


b. Disconnect headlight harness (B) on left side of machine.


c. Pull hood forward and roll hood up and out of rail.

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! The battery produces a flammable and explosive gas. The battery may explode:

• Do not smoke or have open flame near battery.

• Wear eye protection and gloves.

• Never check battery charge by placing a metal object across the posts. Use a voltmeter or hydrometer.

• Do not jump start or charge a frozen battery. Warm battery to 16?C (60?F).

3. Check battery.

• Battery was filled to proper level and fully charged when it left the factory.

• To ensure maximum life, check battery voltage before delivery.

• If battery voltage is less than 12.6, charge battery for 30 minutes at 5-10 amps.

4. Connect battery.

a. Use a wire brush to remove any glazing from battery posts and cable ends.

b. Connect red positive (+) cable to battery, then connect black negative (-) cable.

c. Tighten connections securely and apply MPG2 (M79292) grease or TY15730 battery spray to reduce corrosion.

d. Push protective cover over positive terminal.

5. Install steering wheel.

a. Install steering wheel on shaft.


b. Tighten nut (A) to 38 N•m (28 lb-ft).


c. Install steering wheel cover (B).

6. Install seat.


a. Remove rod (A) from seat pan bracket.


b. Install seat on seat suspension assembly (B) by inserting rod through holes in suspension and middle hole in seat pan bracket.

c. Install washer (C) and secure with cotter pin (D) on rod.

d. Squeeze seat switch tabs together and slide switch (E) into slot in bottom of seat and release tabs. Connect seat switch harness (F).

7. Install mower (or appropriate attachment). Make sure PTO shaft is connected properly and collar is locked. Refer to mower or attachment Operator’s Manual for specific instructions.

8. Level mower for best cutting performance.

• Set mower depth control at 6.4 cm (2.5 in) or to the height requested by the customer.

• Adjust deck level side-to-side for even cutting.

• Adjust front of mower 6 mm (1/4 in) lower than rear for best cutting performance.

• Adjust mower guage wheels to prevent scalping. Adjust so bottom of wheels is 6 mm (1/4 in) above hard surface with deck set at cutting height.


Check and perform the following on all tractors.

1. Lubricate all grease fittings. Refer to Operator’s Manual as needed for location information.

2. Check all fluid levels. Refer to Operator’s Manual or under hood decal as needed for oil type and specifications:

• Engine oil.

• Engine coolant - check level in radiator and in overflow reservoir.

• Transaxle/transmission oil.

• MFWD axle oil (if equipped).

• Mower deck or attachment gearbox oil (if equipped).

• Fill fuel tank with fresh stabilized fuel to prevent gum and varnish from forming in fuel system. Use John Deere TY15977 Fuel Stabilizer.

3. Check freewheel valve - tractor should be able to be pushed forward and backward with lever engaged and brake off.

4. Check cruise control latch function:

• Depress forward pedal, engage cruise by lifting lever up. Forward pedal should stay down.

• Tap park brake pedal or forward pedal. Cruise control should disengage.

5. Check hydraulic functions - raise and lower mower deck. Cycle several times to remove any trapped air.

6. Check operation of instrument panel indicator lights, headlights, taillights, backup lights and rear work lights. See Operator’s Manual for information on instrument panel light functions.

7. Wash tractor to remove dirt and dust. Wax hood and fender deck for scratch protection.

8. Give customer the Operator's Manual and Fuel Stabilizer goodwill packet at delivery. Remind customer to keep fuel stabilizer out of the reach of children.