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Service Steering & Brakes

Brake Fluid

The following heavy duty brake fluid is PREFERRED for all drum and disc brakes:

• Brake Fluid - DOT3

Other brake fluids may be used if they provide the following:

• DOT3 certified.

• Conforms to Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116.

• Minimum wet boiling point 140?C (284?F).

• Minimum dry boiling point 232?C (450?F) to prevent vapor lock.

Checking Brake Fluid Level

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Avoid contamination of the brake fluid. Thoroughly clean area around the filler cap before removing. Do not open the brake fluid reservoir cap unless absolutely necessary.

Use extreme care when filling the reservoir. Fluid spilled on painted surfaces can cause damage.

Use only DOT3 brake fluid from a sealed container.

1. Park vehicle safely. (See Parking Safely in the Safety section.)

2. Open hood.

3. Carefully clean area around reservoir cap.

MX31032, MX31021

4. Remove reservoir cap and visually check fluid level.

• Fluid levels must be maintained to 12 - 13 mm (0.47 - 0.51 in.) below top of filler (A).

5. If fluid is low:

• Add fluid to maintain level within specification.


6. Check reservoir cap bellows (B) are in place and not damaged.

7. Install reservoir cap.

8. Close hood.

Adjusting Park Brake

For proper adjustment of the park brake system, see your John Deere Dealer.