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Engine Specifications

Make Kawasaki FJ400

Type Gasoline

Cylinders 1

Strokes/Cycle 4

Bore 82 mm (3.228 in.)

Stroke 76 mm (2.992 in.)

Displacement 400 cm3 (24.4 cu in.)

Armature Air Gap 0.3 mm (0.012 in.)

Intake and Exhaust Valve Clearance (cold) 0.127 (0.005

Oil Filter Spin On Filter

Air Cleaner Replaceable, Paper Element

Cooling Air

Drive Train

Type Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), With Gear-Driven Transaxle

Gear Ranges Forward - Neutral - Reverse

Travel Speed (Forward) 0 - 32 km/h (0 - 20 mph)

Travel Speed (Reverse) 0 - 31.2 km/h (0 - 19.4 mph)

Traction Assist Mechanically Activated Differential Lock

Electrical System

Type 12 Volt

Battery Size 340 Cold Cranking Amps @ -18?C (0?F)

Alternator 16.6 Amp @ 3700 rpm (regulated)

Headlights (Two) 37.5 watt halogen

Spark Plug Gap 0.80 mm (0.031 in.)

Spark Plug Torque 25 N•m (18 lb-ft)

Fuel System

Fuel Filter Replaceable Element

Fuel Gasoline

Fluid Capacities

Fuel Tank 19.7 L (5.2 gal)

Crankcase (with filter) 1.3 L (1.37 qt)

Transaxle (approximate - see Changing Transaxle Oil) 5.6 L (5.92 qt)

Steering and Brakes

Steering Rack and Pinion

Brakes Hydraulically Operated Four Wheel Disk, with Mechanical Parking Brake



Front 22x9.5-10

Rear 24x12-10

All Trail II

Front 22x9.5-10

Rear 24x10.50-10


Front 22x9.5-10

Rear 24x12-10

Run-Flat - EMT (Extended Mobility Tire)

Front 22x11-10

Rear 25x11-10

Inflation Pressure

Front 55 kPa (8 psi)

Rear 69 kPa (10 psi)

Front and Rear (Run-Flat - EMT (Extended Mobility Tire)) 28 - 34 kPa (4 - 5 psi)


Width (overall) 1.52 m (60.0 in.)

Length (with bumper) 2.75 m (108.1 in.)

Height (overall) 1.11 m (43.6 in.)

Weight (includes fuel/fluids) 456 kg (1005 lb)

Ground Clearance (under transaxle) 14.5 cm (5.7 in.)

Cargo Box Capacity 272 kg (600 lb)

Towing Capacity 454 kg (1000 lb)

Recommended Lubricants

Engine Oil John Deere PLUS-4® SAE 10W-40


Grease John Deere Multi-Purpose SD Polyurea Grease

John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease

Transmission Oil John Deere HY-GARD® (JDM J20C)

(Specifications and design subject to change without notice.)

Fast Idle Engine Speed

TX 3600 r/min

Sound Measurements

Averaged Sound Level at Work Station According to 77/311/EEC Annex I

TX 82.7 dB(A) at 3600 r/min engine speed

Vibration Measurements

Hand/Arm Measured Per EN 1033

TX 2.4 m/s2 at 3600 r/min engine speed

Whole Body Measured Per EN 1032

TX 0.8 m/s2 at 3600 r/min engine speed

NOTE: The value listed above represents the weighted root means square acceleration to which the whole body is subjected on a representative machine during actual transport conditions. The acceleration value depends upon the roughness of the ground, the speed at which the machine is operating and the operator weight and driving habits. Measurements were obtained through actual field data according to STD Procedure in EN 1033 and EN 1032.