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Service Steering & Brakes

Adjusting Front Caster Spindle Bearing

NOTE: Adjustment required only if front caster wheel vibrates during travel.

1. Park machine safely. (Refer to Parking Safely in the Safety section.)


2. Remove dust cover (A) from top of spindle.

3. Remove cotter pin.

4. Turn castle nut 1/4 turn clockwise.

5. Replace cotter pin. Do not loosen the castlenut to align cotter pin hole, increase the tightening to align.

6. Replace dust cover.

7. Test machine to determine if vibration is still present. Repeat adjustment as necessary.

Checking and Aligning Motion Control Levers

Check Alignment:

1. Park machine safely. (Refer to Parking Safely in the Safety section.)

2. Move both motion control levers forward.

3. Check levers for horizontal alignment.

• If horizontal positions of the control levers are unequal, an adjustment is necessary.


• Check gap (A) between the levers. The recommended gap is 5 -10 mm (0.2-0.4 in.). Adjust if gap is outside recommendation.

Procedure horizontal alignment of levers

1. Adjust position of motion control levers:


• Loosen cap screws (A).

• Slide both levers forward or rearward to desired position on control arm until levers are aligned.

• Tighten cap screws.

Procedure adjusting gap

1. Put the levers in neutral position.


Picture Note: Parts have been removed for photo clarity.

2. Turn bolt (A) on both sides of machine.

• Clockwise = lever moves outward

• Counterclockwise = lever moves inward

NOTE: Adjust levers alternating from side to side.

Adjusting Park Brake

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Due to initial brake wear, the park brake should be checked and adjusted after the first 5 hours of use.

A park brake that is adjusted too tightly could damage the transmission or cause premature brake wear.

1. Park machine safely. (Refer to Parking Safely in the Safety section.)


Picture Note: Picture Note: Seat removed for photo clarity.

2. Turn nut (A) clockwise to tighten, or counter clockwise to loosen park brake setting.

3. Test park brake. Adjust as necessary.