Next season is right now: Expert Check

Next season is right now:

Your harvesting machine expert

Expert Check for harvesting machines

Knowing what to look for makes the difference – our John Deere Experts have the experience, know-how and tools it takes.

Expert Check Harvesting

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Error message history is followed up on, and cab controls are checked to ensure electronic systems are working 100%.


Wear state of feeding components is checked. Drive chain, sprockets and slip clutch are inspected for best header performance.

Right side

Threshing cylinder drive is checked for easy speed adjustment, and yield and moisture sensor functionality is checked.

Chopper drive

Chopper drive, bearings and rotor are checked to ensure best chopping performance.

Left side

Concave checked for correct adjustment, and unloading auger drive inspected to ensure optimal threshing and unloading.


Multi-point engine check using Service ADVISOR. Grain tank filling auger and unloading auger inspected for wear.