Press Releases   August 29, 2016

JOHN DEERE FORESTRY AT FINNMETKO 1-3.9.2016 - Comprehensive solutions for logging

John Deere’s G-Series forest machines are more than a machine. In addition to significantly improved fuel economy, the new models receive praise for their strong booms with precise movement and for their operational reliability. ForestSight service solutions increase machine uptime and ensure productivity throughout the machine lifetime. The offering covers all the necessary maintenance and spare parts services, machine and fleet optimization, monitoring programs and operator training. With a John Deere service agreement, a machine contractor ensures the highest possible uptime and trade-in value for their machine and saves about 20% in machine maintenance costs.

New at FinnMetko: Machine optimization service based on measured data

John Deere is the only machine manufacturer to offer a harvester performance optimization service based on measured data. The optimization service purchased with a maintenance agreement features a machine report produced at regular intervals and an analysis of the machine’s and the operator’s performance level. The machine report shows which areas of the machine’s operation and use are at an optimum, and which have changed compared to previous measurements or compared to a comparison group operating in similar conditions. Based on this information, the customer may be offered e.g. a Tuning Day or operator training on working techniques. During Tuning Day, the machine’s performance is optimized to the targeted level.

New at FinnMetko: Intelligent Boom Control – IBC 2.0

The very popular Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) has been further developed. In the new IBC 2.0 version being introduced at FinnMetko, the precision of the grapple control has been improved, especially in long reaches. The software uses information about the position of the grapple, and the speed of the rotation in long reaches matches that of short reaches. A whopping 85% of our Nordic customers opt for Intelligent Boom Control for their forwarder. New software updates are also available for older machines equipped with IBC.

New at FinnMetko: A solution for transporting logs over soft terrain

The long-bogie 1210E IT4 or 1510E IT4 forwarders are now available for pairing up with the 8-wheel 1270G harvester for logging in soft terrain and other demanding logging conditions. The distance between the front and rear wheel hubs in the rear bogie is 1890 mm, i.e. 390 mm longer than in the standard model. The power train and turning radius are the same as with the standard HD portal bogie-equipped machine. The long-bogie solution operates both in normal and soft terrains. The long bogie brings stability when navigating over obstacles in rocky terrain, and the low ground pressure of the machine’s front and rear chassis make the machine an excellent choice for logging in soft terrain.

Fuel-efficient John Deere 1270G harvester

Production of John Deere’s G-Series commenced in December 2015 with the biggest machine models. John Deere’s Final Tier 4 engine is the biggest change in G-Series machines. The control modules and harnesses also have been renewed and the TimberMatic control system has been updated. The John Deere 1270G harvester is more powerful than its predecessor, but uses significantly less fuel. The increase in power is especially big in the 6-wheel version, the output of which now matches that of the 8-wheel machine, i.e. 200 kW instead of the previous 170 kW. The torque in the 6-wheel machine is now 17% higher and 5% higher in the 8-wheel version. The 1270G consumes 10% less fuel than its predecessor, which results in significant direct savings over the lifetime of the machine.

Powerful and high-torque John Deere 1470G harvester

The technical features of the John Deere 1470G are virtually identical to the 1270G, but it has the more powerful CH9 boom and the different front frame required by the boom, bigger tires and more robust bogie axles. The boom’s slewing cylinders are positioned parallel to the harvester’s frame improving the hosing and cabling and providing improved forward visibility and minimizing wear and tear. The boom’s path and speed is excellent, and the boom works effortlessly also when fully extended.

John Deere 1910G forwarder, designed for big loads and long transport distances

The John Deere 1910G not only features a new engine, but also new drive hydraulics, automation, load space and front frame. Servicing is easier, thanks to structural changes like the lighter bottom plate. The engine’s maximum output has been boosted by 7.5% and torque by 21%. 1910G’s drive hydraulics has been increased and the components have been replaced with more robust ones to give the machine 4.5% more tractive force. The CAN bus system is simple and reliable, and the TimberMatic F-16 control system is more efficient than before.

Unique JDLink and TimberOffice monitoring systems

John Deere’s JDLink remote control system provides data about machine performance, engine load, fuel consumption, service needs, and machine location. With the TimberOffice software suite, the data collected from the machines provides a diverse picture of the fleet’s condition and operating costs. Data transfer from the machine to the TimberOffice application has been improved. Our customers now have access to more comprehensive and real-time data about the machine’s performance, enabling contractors to improve their competitiveness and profitability.

Simulators and the TimberSkills learning environment

John Deere training simulators and the TimberSkills learning environment make it possible to practice all phases of logging – from the felling plan to unloading timber at the roadside. During a single training exercise, multiple forest machines can be used at the same stand simultaneously.

Metsä will present the simulators and TimberSkills learning environment at John Deere’s FinnMetko stand.

Plenty of FinnMetko special offers at the John Deere Shop

PerformancePlus accessories and equipment meet the needs of John Deere’s forestry customers. By using original PerformancePlus products, contractors ensure high uptime and operational reliability of their machines. There are plenty of great Metko special offers on accessories. The John Deere Shop features a wide range of John Deere branded clothing and toys.

Our new machine models feature excellent quality, operational reliability, and value-adding ForestSight service solutions. Our commitment to product quality is demonstrated by the testing of new machine models for at least 2,000 hours before starting serial production. John Deere is known for its innovations that improve the working conditions for operators. Our unique rotating and levelling cabin offers significant improvements to operator comfort and productivity.

When investing in a new John Deere forest machine the contractor gets a comprehensive solution for logging. John Deere’s G-Series is more than a machine.

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