Press Releases   October 21, 2015

John Deere G-Series harvesters and forwarders – More than a machine

John Deere is rolling out its first G-Series forest machine models. Compliant with Final Tier 4 / Stage IV emissions requirements, the 1270G and 1470G harvesters and the 1910G forwarder are making their debut at a launch event in Scotland. The new series models combine excellent fuel economy and higher productivity. The innovative new solutions in the G-Series machines bring uncompromising reliability and added customer value.

Reduced emissions, more engine power and a completely new control system

John Deere’s engines meet Final Tier 4 / Stage IV emissions requirements, yet boast more power. And the completely new control system gives the G-Series machines increased processing capacity. The new engines are equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), familiar from our previous machines, as well as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and the related urea tank added to the exhaust gas control system to ensure compliance with the emissions regulations. These components are well protected within the machine and do not hamper visibility to the logging area.

The G-Series machines feature a completely new, user-friendly control system, control modules and wiring harnesses. Together these enhance machine performance and precision. The TimberMatic H-16 control system in the harvesters is a comprehensive package for base machine control, measuring and bucking – all within one configurable user interface. The use of one system makes the operator’s work faster and easier. The TimberMatic F-16 control system and user interface in the forwarders has been further improved to maintain the machine’s reliability. TimberMatic F-16 features include a configurable user interface, cruise control and an inclination display.

The new TimberMatic software enables Remote Display Access (RDA) via the Internet. RDA makes it faster for servicing personnel to troubleshoot and take corrective action, and thus increases the machine’s uptime.

John Deere 1270G harvester – 6 or 8 wheels

The John Deere 1270G harvester is more powerful than its predecessor, but still uses significantly less fuel. Fuel consumption that is as much as 10% less in proportion to production, results in savings of thousands of euros over the machine’s lifetime. Additionally, the Processing Power Control (PPC) system to balance power and fuel economy in different logging conditions is a standard feature in the G-Series harvesters.

The increase in power is particularly big in the 6-wheel model, which now boasts 200 kW (compared to the previous 170 kW), i.e. as much as the 8-wheel model. The torque has also been boosted: by 17% in the 6-wheel machine and 5% in the 8-wheel machine. The 8-wheel 1270G harvester is specially designed for steep slopes and soft terrain. With eight-wheel-drive, it has excellent traction and makes the machine very stable. The machine has convinced customers even in terrain where mechanized logging had never been possible.

The rotating and leveling cabin makes work easier and more productive, and the cabin’s ergonomics help the operator to maintain a comfortable working position on steep slopes. The 1270G harvesters have an advanced twin-pump system that utilizes two open-loop hydraulic pumps to produce the needed hydraulic power. One loop is used mainly for boom control and the other for transmission and harvester head functions. The system ensures sufficient power for the simultaneous use of the boom and the harvester head, enables a firm grip on the tree, and increases productivity and operator comfort.

The Processing Power Control (PPC) system adjusts the processing power and fuel economy to correspond with the logging work. The system has three different power levels to choose from. By anticipating the engine load and responding with the sufficient power boost, the PPC system improves both productivity and fuel economy.

John Deere 1270G harvesters are available with the more robust CH7 boom. The harvester head options are H754, H413, H414, H270 Series II, H480C and H415 and are known for their productivity and measuring accuracy.

John Deere 1470G harvester

The new G-Series model boasts unprecedented power and torque. Its high ground clearance makes the robust 1470G harvester especially ideal in difficult terrain conditions. In terms of technology, the 1470G, John Deere’s biggest harvester model, is virtually the same as the 1270G. The new Final Tier 4 engine makes the 1470G very fuel efficient. It consumes 10% less fuel than the corresponding IT4 engine. At the same time, engine power and torque has increased by over 5%.

The new, powerful CH9 boom combined with the H415 harvester head makes the 1470G harvester a very strong and productive package. Thanks to the base machine’s excellent stability, the boom works efficiently even when fully extended. The CH9 boom’s slewing cylinders are positioned parallel to the harvester’s frame, thus improving the hosing and cabling. Forward visibility is excellent and wear and tear is minimized. The placement of the valve assembly facilitates serviceability.

The CH9 boom is available in three reach options: 8.6 m, 10 m and 11 m. The lifting torque is 225 kN, and the net lifting capacity at 10 meters is 1,700 kg. The robust and simple structure of the boom makes it reliable for handling big trees. The harvester head options for the 1470G harvester are H415, H480C, H270 Series II and H290.

The 1470G harvesters are equipped with the advanced twin-pump hydraulic system. The system maximizes boom control, ensures sufficient grip on the tree, and increases productivity and operating comfort. The PPC system is also standard in the machines.

John Deere 1910G forwarder

The 1910G is the first forwarder in the G-Series and the biggest model in our lineup. In addition to the new engine, the machine also features new drive hydraulics, automation, load space and front frame. Structural changes, like the lighter belly plate, make servicing easier. The engine’s power, torque and tractive force have been increased. Cabin options include a fixed or a rotating and leveling cabin.

1910G’s performance has received praise: engine’s maximum output has increased by 7.5% and torque by 21%. The drive hydraulics have been increased, and the components have been made more robust compared to the E model. The machine boasts 4.5% more tractive force.

The 1910G is the machine for big trees and long distances. Its most important attributes are high power and big load capacity. The cross-sectional area of the wide load space is bigger and the new-generation headboard provides excellent visibility to the load space.

Total solutions for profitable logging with ForestSight service

ForestSight service solutions have been designed to help John Deere customers maintain machine reliability and productivity and optimize machine fleet throughout the lifetime of the machine. Our offering covers all services customers need, such as machine maintenance and spare parts, machine optimization, various monitoring applications and operator training. With a John Deere service agreement, a machine contractor ensures the highest possible uptime for the machine and saves about 20% in maintenance costs.

John Deere’s JDLink monitoring system is offered free of charge for the first three years with a new machine, including G-Series machines. JDLink transmits useful data about the machine’s performance, engine load, fuel consumption, service needs, and machine location to an offsite computer or to a tablet or smartphone. JDLink system’s MTG data transfer module can be equipped with a satellite connection through an additional module and antenna.

The TimberOffice software package has been developed for forest contractors and companies as a tool for timber harvesting data management and for monitoring forest machine performance and condition. The machine data collected with the newest TimberOffice software helps contractors to improve competitiveness and profitability. The system is very useful for operator training, and it can handle data received from other, non-John Deere forest machines as well.

John Deere is a forerunner. Market leadership in the industry requires innovativeness. Excellent quality, operational reliability, and innovative solutions that add customer value are visible in our new machine models. The G-Series is more than a machine.

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