John Deere forest machine operator is comfortable in a rotating and leveling cabin

When comfort meets productivity

The rotating and leveling cab of John Deere forest machines is the most innovative, industry-leading work environment combined with top ergonomics. Automatic leveling and rotating functions absorb terrain changes keeping you focused on the boom and the harvester head. Large curved windows provide great visibility to the working area.

The rotating and leveling cabin has been redesigned to further improve the operator's working environment. The most significant changes to the redesigned cabin are structural changes. The cradle mountings connecting the cabin to the frame have been redesigned providing extra leg room. The increased space has also enabled a flatter and more slip-resistant floor mat.

The upper part of the front window is slightly wider, but first and foremost the 2D bending enhances the quality of the frame. The front and rear panel mounting has been improved to enable easier maintenance: the panels are now mounted with stud bolts which also double up as hooks on which the panels hang when being tightened. It is easy to mount the panels even by yourself in the woods. A new lower seat will be available as a factory option. If you select the lower seat option, the space underneath the seat is not wide enough for the storage box. The natural rubber wiper blades have been changed to neoprene blades which are more durable.

When selecting the interior materials for the cabin, special attention has been paid to ease of cleaning. The pillars inside the cabin have been clad with a leather-like material, which has replaced the previously used textile material. The sun blinds have two tension rods which press the blinds closer to the window to avoid any distracting gaps and cracks. There are three optional attachment points for the rods, so they will not remain at eye level at any time.

Other enhancements include grease nipples in the door hinges, the new, more convenient location of the Eberspächer heater control panel, more robust outer door handles, a metal cover for the door handle and a water groove on the door frame, which directs rain water away from the cabin and prevents snow from entering inside the cabin when opening the door.

In addition, all smaller improvements made to the rotating and leveling cabin will also be introduced to the redesigned cabin. These include a falling object protective structure, so-called FOPS cover which the cabin roof lights are mounted on, the seat storage box mentioned above, PC display position adjustment options and a new GPS antenna location.

The cabin is available with automatic air conditioning, adjustable air-suspension seat with armrest controls, electrically controlled steps, reverse camera, a heater/cooler for refreshments and plenty of storage space, among other improvements. Thanks to the ergonomic design you remain alert and rested and so become more productive. You can take harvesting to the next level of productivity with the enhanced comfort and control.