John Deere HarvestLabAgricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • Automatic length of cut adjustment based on dry matter for better bunk density and silage quality
  • Accurately adjust silage inoculant dosing to optimize fermentation
  • One sensor, three use cases: SPFH, mobile laboratory, slurry tanker

Accurate Crop Analysis. Better feedstock management: HarvestLab

Developed and patented with Carl Zeiss, HarvestLab uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to analyse harvested crops with more than 4,000 measurement points per second. Compared to just a few random samples from the trailer, this provides much higher accuracy and in addition allows on-the-go length of cut adjustment, ensuring optimum silage quality. Livestock and dairy farmers profit from real time detection of changes in feed quality, biogas producers have much greater control over the use of silage additives, and contractors have additional capability for new value added customer services and flexible billing options.

The HarvestLab Sensor is certified by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (DLG) for dry matter analysis of corn silage.