MyJobConnectAgricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • Manage your jobs more efficiently: Work order management and logistics optimization
  • MyJobsManager App with calender view
  • Job reports for transparent invoicing
  • myLogistics App with intelligent Ag Navigation system

Job management made easy: Eliminate paperwork and endless phone calls during job planning, execution and reporting. With MyJobConnect we offer an easy-to-use job management solution linked to the John Deere Operations Center – better coordinate your employees and boost business productivity while minimizing error sources. MyJobsManager, MyJobs and MyLogistics run on your smart device and can be used with any machine.

MyJobsManager - Mobile App

With MyJobsManager you can plan jobs ahead of time in an intuitive calender view. If the schedule changes you can simply drag & drop all details to a new date. The dashboard view provides you with an executive summary of your daily operations so you can easily monitor work progress and quickly identify areas that require special attention.

MyJobs - Mobile App

The MyJobs App provides your operators a dedicated overview of the jobs they have to complete in the right order. All job details are on hand at all times, reducing the need for follow up calls and errors based on miscommunication, to an absolute minimum.

Jobs in Operations Center - Desktop Solution

Based on work details being reported back by operators from the MyJobs App, the manager/dispatcher can create a Job Report summary from the Operations Center. Job Reports can be filtered or exported as .CSV for further use in your invoicing software.

MyJobConnect Premium

MyJobConnect Premium additionally includes the MyLogistics App and enables fleet optimization in various aspects. Among many other unique characteristics it features an intelligent Ag Navigation system including small field roads and the capability to even directly take you to predefined field-entry points. Navigation targets between lead machine and storage location are automatically switched and the estimated time of arrival is shown to all fleet members. As the manager you can quickly identify bottlenecks or overcapacity in your harvesting chain and improve overall efficiency.