MyJobConnectAgricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • Manage your jobs more efficiently: Work order management and logistics optimization
  • MyJobsManager App with calender view
  • Job reports for transparent invoicing
  • myLogistics App with intelligent Ag Navigation system

Job management made easy: Eliminate paperwork and endless phone calls during job planning, execution and reporting. With MyJobConnect we offer an easy-to-use job management solution linked to the John Deere Operations Center – better coordinate your employees and boost business productivity while minimizing error sources. MyJobsManager, MyJobs and MyLogistics run on your smart device and can be used with any machine.

MyJobsManager - Mobile App

With MyJobsManager you can plan jobs ahead of time in an intuitive calender view. If the schedule changes you can simply drag & drop all details to a new date. The dashboard view provides you with an executive summary of your daily operations so you can easily monitor work progress and quickly identify areas that require special attention.