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1070E IT4Harvester

Features & Specs

  • Best for thinning, even in sensitive areas
  • Processing Power Control for intelligent use of hydraulics
  • Intelligent controls
  • Agile and productive, 4 or 6 wheels
Bigger work pump160 cc
Boom reach8,6/10/10,8 m
Engine power182 hp
Harvester head optionsH412, H413, H414
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The agile, durable and powerful 1070E IT4 harvester

For early thinning in sensitive areas, 1070E IT4 offers the perfect solution. The small, maneuverable frame allows access into the tightest of stands whilst the flotation tires and balanced chassis ensure a gentle footprint on the forest floor.

1070E IT4 harvester is equipped with John Deere PowerTech Plus, turbo-charged, charge air cooled, 6-cylinder, 6.8L engine providing the right technology, right now. Simple to operate and maintain while delivering power, fuel efficiency, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Larger work pump 160 ccm gives more power and torque. The new Processing Power Control (PPC) feature enables three different levels of machine performance to optimize fuel economy and maximize productivity in any logging condition. Level 1 is for small diameter tree handling for thinning, level 2 for nominal tree sizes and level 3 for thick and heavy trunks. It’s easy. The operator simply selects the desired power level with a flick of a switch.

Productivity is also ensured through the John Deere harvester head aligned to the 180S harvester boom, the ideal blend of power and precision. Intelligent control comes from the Timbermatic H-system which manages all base and harvester movements whilst machine efficiency can be optimized by the onboard TimberLink software.




6- or 4-wheeler

1070E IT4 at work

1070E IT4 harvester is a versatile harvester. With different equipment, it can be modified to suit different kind of work sites. The machine width can be modified by different size tyres and tyre offset. If a very narrow machine is needed, a 4-wheeler can be equipped with Nokian 650x26,5 TRS in front and rear, which gives a width of 2710 mm. This same tyre is available also with a wider offset, 2770 mm.

A wider machine might be more stable if the boom has 11 m reach. The longest boom reach is useful for example in soft or steep terrain. Thinning will also become more productive if the driving time can be minimized with a long boom reach.

1070E is also available with 6 wheels. Cabin options include both fixed and rotating and leveling cabin.

Harvester head options require different boom lengths and a multi-tree handling equipment increases productivity especially with energy wood.