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Laptop simulator


  • E-series harvester keypads
  • Installation kit and power supply
  • Transport case
  • TimberSkills learning environment
PC requirementsWindows 7 or 8, 64-bit Operating system
RAMMinimun 4 GB, recommended 8 GB or more


E-series laptop simulator

The E-series harvester and forwarder operation simulator is now available as a portable version for laptop computers. The simulator set includes the E-series harvester keypads and controls as well as an installation kit, power supply and transport case. The set does not include a laptop computer, however, as we recommend this to be purchased locally to ensure that the keypad and language are correct.

The simulator software includes the TimberSkills learning environment, the Score Editor program, the Terrain Editor program and the machine operator feedback report feature, and it is available in several languages. TimberMatic H-12 or F-12 control systems are not included in the laptop simulator.

The PC simulator program can be installed on the laptop simulator for practising with the TimberMatic H-12 control system, however the exercises and adjustments made in the PC simulator environment do not affect the forest machine settings on the laptop simulator. In the laptop simulator’s harvester program, the tree trunks are cut to preset lengths.

Practising the machine operation and working methods on a realistic and easy-to-use simulator enables an easy transition to real forest machines.


Learning and follow-up

TimberSkills learning environment

The TimberSkills learning environment provides tools for tracking student performance and handling the simulator exercises, including the complete exercises, self-evaluations and teacher feedback.

Operator report

The operator report is an excellent tool for supporting students’ progress in the TimberSkills learning environment.

The report provides feedback on the use of the forest machine similar to the TimberLink reports. The student performance is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 in comparison to the simulator’s reference performances.

Operator report Harvester operator report
The operator report is a standard feature of all John Deere E-series simulators.