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Harvester Operation Simulator

Features & Specs

  • Harvester keypads and seat
  • Terrain Editor and Score Editor
SimulationHarvester and forwarder
Operating Dimensions (cm)180 x 80 x 140
Weight (kg)155
Operating voltage230 V AC, 50Hz/ 115 V AC, 60Hz

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    Harvester and Forwarder Operation Simulator

    Training virtually increases productivity and performance

    John Deere E-Series operation simulators are efficient tools for training working methods and machine operation without the measuring and control system. Practice every stage of the harvesting process – from planning a stand to stacking cut timber at a roadside – virtually.

    John Deere E-Series simulators have the same keypads and the seat as in John Deere forest machines.

    Simulator realistically replicates the forest terrain.

    Operating both forwarder and harvester can be trained simply by switching the model from the simulator display. It is even possible to use numerous machines simultaneously at one stand by connecting several simulators to the same exercise. Training with a complete machine chain at the same stand gives a realistic picture of logging.

    The John Deere E-Series harvester and forwarder operation simulator has the same keypads and the seat as in John Deere harvester.

    Every E-Series simulator includes one pre-programmed training terrain. Create customized exercises with Terrain Editor by creating terrains and stands, various types of trees, rocks, terrain types, driving tracks etc.

    Score simulator exercises with Score Editor.
    Simulator monitors various aspects related to the work carried out. Simulator can produce a machine-specific real-time feedback report on all exercises and the exercise can even be scored. Choose the assessment criteria to be monitored in Score Editor and compete for points! Repeating the same exercise several times helps polishing operating skills and clearly shows the increase in productivity.

    Download Simulator Specifications