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Take the right decision. Now.
We’ve made choosing a new John Deere forage harvester even easier. For 2013 we’ve added our new KernelStar to give your business the edge.
KernelStar – a John Deere exclusive - is a revolutionary new kernel processor. Its patented bevelled discs don’t crush kernels. They smash them. Now add to this our double award winning HarvestLab monitor. With realtime constituent measurement it gives your customers unparalleled control over their forage production.
Together, KernelStar and HarvestLab are redefining the standard for forage quality. And they’re improving business management for dairy farmers and biogas producers the world over.

Go on. Take the right decision. Now.




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James Forknall
“We run a 7450i, there is no alternative at this horsepower level for a complete package if you want maximum throughput, best chop quality and full harvest documentation with HarvestLab.”
James Forknall, Contractor, UK

Rickard Andersson, Contractor, Sweden
“We really appreciate this reliable machine. Whenever we need it, it’s there and working.”
Rickard Andersson, Contractor, Sweden

Jürgen Heinrich Contractor, Germany
“Thanks to Engine Speed Management we were able to reduce our fuel consumption by around 15 %! Our 7750i has now made more than 2000 working hrs. The DuraLine parts are really astonishing. We can’t recognise any wear at all. This clearly helped us to minimise our running costs. With this machine we can earn money again.”
Jürgen Heinrich Contractor, Germany

 Nicolas Béliard Contractor, France
“We used to have a competitive brand of forager. When we compared it against our John eere machine recently, what we saw was very clear: there is no alternative if you want to get best chopping quality and the max throughput per installed horsepower.
Nicolas Béliard Contractor, France

 Geert Loontjens Contractor, Belgium
“The reliability, user friendliness and lower cost of ownership of my 7450, together with the great support of my dealer has put the joy back into forage harvesting!”
Geert Loontjens Contractor, Belgium