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TimberMatic F-12


  • Control system for E-Series forwarders
  • Reliable and easy-to-to use control system for precise control and improved performance
  • One user interface for base machine and weight scale measuring system control
  • Onboard electronic manual

    TimberMatic F-12


    TimberMatic F-12 – for efficient production control and better performance

    TimberMatic F-12 is a user-friendly and dependable control system for E-Series forwarders. Control of the base machine and weight scale measuring system are integrated into the same user interface.

    E-Series automation system has excellent features to expedite and ease work
    • Shortcut keys for often-used functions
    • Operator specific settings
    • Interactive menus
    • Electronic user manual for control system opens to right page on your computer screen

    Changing between harvesters and forwarders has never been easier since the keypads and other control devices are now almost identical in both.

    John Deere has further developed the TimberMatic F-12 control system to boost productivity and uptime of John Deere forest machines and keep daily operating costs in check.
    TimberMatic F-12 contains
    • Configurable User Interface
    • Support of the new PC and Meca controller
    • Smooth Boom Control (SBC) improvements.


    Main updates in the control system version 1.21 include engine RPM boost improvement for driving IT4 forwarders and further improvements for SBC. Furthermore, the new software version enables possibility to start RDA (Remote Display Access) connection through Internet (MTG or other modem) also when TimberMatic can't be started. Safe mode is included in all installation packages.

    Not only does the TimberMatic-system make adjusting your forwarder easy, it makes you more productive.



    Other features

    Improved WDT (Wireless Data Transfer) through JDLink MTG modem for TimberOffice 5

    • Automatic saving of production and WS (Work Statistics) in background processing to WDT folder
    • Possibility for automatic generation of WS drf-file, no actions needed by operator.

    Permanent differential lock
    • Differential locks stay engaged even while the machine stops or changes direction
    • New symbol and alarm in the main display when the permanent differential lock is connected
    • Machine speed is limited to 5 km/h with permanent differential lock
    • Available for all harvesters and forwarders including CommandCenter machines

    Improvements to StanForD 2010 support according to customer requests.