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  • Unique solution for monitoring and boosting CTL forest machine’s productivity and performance
  • Monitors fuel economy
  • Monitors adjustment status and machine’s technical condition
  • TimberLink gives the operator the chance to improve and refine working techniques and skills

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    Power up and empower your business from your machine or desktop and gain a high altitude perspective of your entire fleet with TimberLink

    TimberLink is a unique software solution to monitor all essential machine functions and adjustments. Detailed measurements of all machine functions help to achieve and maintain high productivity and low fuel consumption.

    Improved productivity
    TimberLink helps you to notice a drop in the performance of an individual machine and speeds up the return to top performance level. It helps you to determine adjustment requirements and optimize productivity.

    Higher utilization rate
    TimberLink facilitates preventive maintenance. A change in fuel consumption or productivity may be a sign of a maintenance need; through TimberLink analysis, fault detection is fast and easy.

    Lower operating costs
    Fuel economy is closely linked to productivity. You can monitor performance with TimberLink, and react quickly to any exceptional fuel increase or drop in machine performance that requires maintenance or optimizing of the machine adjustments.

    Key features include:

    • Monitoring and boosting machine’s productivity and performance 
    • Monitoring machine’s technical condition
    • Extending machine and component uptime through preventive maintenance
    • Increasing uptime through early identification of potential faults
    • Discover adjustment needs for a machine
    • Monitoring and improving fuel economy in different working conditions
    • Machine and operator performance follow-up 24/7/365

    John Deere is the only forest machinery manufacturer that provides machine performance and condition monitoring systems.