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H270 Series IIHarvesting Head

Features & Specs

  • 2-wheel-drive
  • Recommended hydraulic pump capacity 260-380 l/min
  • Accurate length and diameter measuring
  • SuperCut saw for efficient cutting
Feeding2 feed rollers, max opening 620 mm
Cutting diameter650 mm
Weight w/o rotator and link1350 kg
Delimbing4 moving, 1 floating and 1 fixed knife


John Deere H270 Series II harvester head is a robust and capable harvester head for regeneration  felling. The H270 Series II has long delimbing knives, and a wide opening. Harvester heads equipped with two feed rollers are suitable for crooked stems. This makes the H270 Series II harvester head particularly good for harvesting hardwood, but it is also designed to be used for softwood.

The improvements to H270 Series II harvester head include new steel rib rollers and top knife options, new stump treatment option and new multi-tree-handling  system.

The angle of the saw box top plate has been changed to avoid snow from packing inside the saw box.  In the frame, a stonger valve cover gives better protection and is easy to open and close.

The H270 Series II can fell trees up to 650 mm in diameter. Knife geometry ensures quality delimbing from large to small diameters.  Steel rib rollers give excellent grip with minimum feeding damage.
Steel rib rollers
This harvester head is ideal for the larger harvesters 1270E IT4 and 1470E IT4.