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TS 4x2Gator

Features & Specs

  • Comfortable low load height
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Excellent stopping power with disc brake
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Engine type350 cc, 1-cylinder, Petrol
Engine power9.5 hp
Velocity0-32 km/h (0-20 mp/h)
Payload capacity408 kg
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Experience the capacity

Let the Gator TS Utility Vehicle take the strain – powered by a 401 cc petrol engine and yet it has a surprisingly light footprint on your turf (only 7.5psi – less than a human footprint). But that’s not all. With its exceptional stability, intuitive operation and rugged steel, tilting cargo box, the Gator TS delivers the ultimate in versatility!

Gator TS 4x2





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