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H260The perfect fit for your John Deere tractor.

Features & Specs

  • Enhanced strength and durability
  • Perfect tractor stability
  • High capacity hydraulics
  • Unmatched visibility
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Lift capacity (full height)1583 kg (800mm from pivot point)
Maximum lift height3540 mm
Clearance (full height)3346 mm (Bucket level)
Cycle times (loader raise)3.72 sec
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    The integrated design of the H260 Front Loader provides optimum performance on the 5E and 5G Series Tractors. This green-on-green solution is available in a mechanical self leveling (MSL) or non-self leveling (MSL) configuration. This maneuverable package is ideal for farming and construction work.
    To make sure our new front loaders meet our standards – and your expectations – we use only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Every component has been exhaustively tested under conditions that are even rougher than those on your farm.





    Specs apply to MSL levelling for 5M with front tyres 13.6R24 and rear tyres 16.9R34; actual specs may vary