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1110E IT4Forwarder

Features & Specs

  • Efficient and economical IT4 engine
  • 6 % more torque
  • New generation head board
  • JDLink remote monitoring system
Load rating12000 kg
Boom reach7,2/8,5/10
Engine power136 kW
Torque825 Nm

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1110E forwarder with new IT4 engine

The middle size class forwarder John Deere 1110E has a new IT4 engine as well as other enhancements. The new 1110E IT4 meets regulatory emission limits and the engine has 6% higher torque. The tractive force remains at 160 kN, but traction is actually higher, because the drive motor now has nine pistons instead of the earlier seven. The drive motor and the drive pump are larger and starting at low revs is more effective.

The 1110E IT4 is equipped with a new generation head board that gives better visibility of the load space. This speeds up especially unloading as the visibility of the grapple and load area is improved.  The intelligent boom control (IBC) makes loading and unloading more effective and increases profitability with up to one extra load per day.
The JDLink remote monitoring system is available for the 1110E IT4 forwarder.  Keeping up with key performance data remotely at the office or on the go using a mobile device is easy with the JDLink system. Usage rates remain high when changes in profitability are spotted early on and actions can be taken without delay. In addition, extended maintenance intervals are available for 1110E IT4 forwarders saving up to 20% on total maintenance costs.

The 1110E IT4 forwarder also comes with a short wheelbase. The 40 cm shorter wheelbase has been achieved by moving the rear axle forward without having to compromise on load space. The forwarder remains stable and it has even better agility, which is a real advantage on thinning sites.