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Multi-tree handlingMulti-tree handling


  • Higher production due to reduced work cycles
  • Reduced damages in remaining stand: bunches of trees can be vertically maneuvered
  • Compact and light MTH unit – does not hinder single-tree felling and processing

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    Multi-tree handling
    Joukkokäsittely H412:ssa, alustakone 1070E

    Why multi-tree handling?

    Multi-tree handling may be used to increase grapple yield significantly, but always in accordance with the density and size of the trees that are to be handled. Since the machine's scale cannot measure multiple trees handled together, the wood is measured by weight. The processed trunks are counted automatically.
    The feed grapple breaks the surface of processed trees, so that energy wood can dry out more quickly. Even when trunks are delimbed up to an intermediate cut or up to the top, the branch mass falls down to stay as humus on forest soil.
    Multi-tree handling claws also help to bundle up trunks - and also individual trees - by remaining upright, so remaining trunks are not damaged and the trees can be felled in a controlled manner and in a suitable place.

    Joukkokäsittelyllä kaadat useamman pienen puun kerralla


    Integrated logging

    In integrated logging, pulpwood is harvested by multi-tree handling, and the tops are collected for energy wood. The tops may be collected either delimbed or limbed. The trees are measured by weight.

    Harvesting energy wood
    In harvesting energy wood, all tree species are harvested by multi-tree handling, the bundle is fed into the interim cutting point and the bundle of tops is turned over or moved onto the stack. The transportation distance for bundling is approx. 5-6 m.

    John Deere'n nelirullakourat ovat edelläkävijöitä Delimbed energy wood

    Delimbed energy wood is harvested in the same way as other energy wood, but the bundle of tops is also fed all the way in.

    Harvesting head
    Method for short trunks that do not need to have an interim cut made for transportation purposes. The trees are felled in the form of multi-tree handling.

    Ketju pysyy hyvin päällä

    John Deere's four-roller heads

    John Deere's four-roller harvesting heads have been pioneers in multi-tree handling. Standard harvester head can be optionally modified to suit energy wood harvesting. Multi-tree handling equipment is also suitable for single tree thinning and regeneration-felling operations.
    Multi-tree handling equipment increases the machine's capacity and reduces movement. The unique angle of the upper rollers and the load-bearing lower rollers, which are fitted with fingers, make it possible to feed in several trees at the same time without any problems.
    The multi-tree handling program automatically changes the heads regulation values, depending on whether it is one tree or more that is being fed in.
    A guillotine is not required. Thanks to the new chain tension valve, the chain even stays in place in thickets. At the same time, the valve protects the chain from over-tension, so that the chains do not break and the lifetime of the flange chain gear is extended.


    It is always worth updating automation to the latest version. Program updates provide the features necessary for multi-tree handling, such as tailor-made values for blade and roller pressure when one trunk or more is fed in, as well as a trunk counter.