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  • Production control and analysis
  • GPS/GIS electronic maps
  • Machine performance and condition monitoring
  • Cost and Information management

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    Software Package for All Forest Machines and Offices

    Optimize production & manage costs. TimberOffice is an integrated suite of software solutions which have been specially designed for contractors and forest companies. The package comprises the industry´s most developed tools for the information management required for harvesting. TimberOffice enables users to benefit efficiently from the information supplied from forest machines which allows for faster decision making ensuring competitive and productive business operations.

    Programmes function in a Windows environment, in forest machines’ computers, or at the office. Software may be purchased as one package or individually.

    TimberOffice program includes the following packages:

    TimberCenter is for E-mail and information management. The information produced by the machine can be browsed, modified, combined, saved and printed out when necessary.

    TimberNavi is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that uses Global Positioning System (GPS). With TimberNavi the machine operator can see his position on a computer display with other map information such as terrain information and harvesting areas, in real time.

    TimberLinkOffice is a tool to assist operators and service technicians to optimize productivity, uptime, and daily operating costs. Performance and condition measurements can be checked not only in the machine but also analyzed in the office.

    TimberCalc contains three integrated programs; Machine Cost, Follow-up, and Estimate. This enables machine contractors to analyze business performance, calculate costs, create budgets, control productivity and plan finances.

    SilviATM is a management program for bucking that helps create and manage price lists. The bucking instructions can include, among other things, price and distribution lists, colour marking, product groups, and stem types. Production results such as log amount, length and diameter, distribution totals, product groups, and stem types can be analyzed.

    Machine Cost Calculation in Web

    A simplified, web version of the TimberCalc Machine Cost calculation software is available to forest machine customers through the TimberOffice website, www.timberoffice.com. By entering the most essential initial values into the application, the web solution enables basic machine cost calculations and a comparison of the impact the variables have on machine cost and annual profit.

    Calculate the costs for harvester, forwarder or for a machine chain. The variables in TimberCalce Web Calculator include:

    • Purchasing price (€)
    • Total lifetime operating hours
    • Resale value of purchasing price (%)
    • Interest of capital (%)
    • Fuel consumption (l/h)
    • Fuel price (€/l)
    • Operator salary (€/h)
    • Taxation (%)
    • Variable costs (€/h)
    • Working hours per year
    • Total availability (%)
    • Effective operating hours per year
    • Productivity /m³/h)
    • Logging rate per m³ (€/m³)

    Outcome of the TimberCalc web calculator is:

    • Total cost per hour
    • Total cost per m³
    • Profit or loss per m³
    • Annual profit or loss
    • Salvage value