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JDLinkRemote monitoring


  • Helps you improve your competitiveness and profitability
  • You get real-time alarms from your machine fleet
  • You find the location of your machines and driving instructions if you need to go to visit the machines.
  • You can quickly see the machines' fuel consumption and maintenance need.



    JDLink Machine Monitoring System

    The JDLink system helps make forestry business operations more competitive and profitable. The JDLink machine and fleet management solution is a telematics system designed to remotely connect machine owners and managers as well as service personnel to their forest equipment from office PC. The system enables real time alerts and machine information, such as location, utilization, fuel consumption and maintenance data, to make decisions easy and fast and to optimize machine operations.

    Three years free of charge

    Machines can be shown in groups, individually or all at the same time for comparison. Machine information can also be sorted by a date and time range or by an engine hour range. JDLink machine and fleet management solution is available for John Deere IT4 forest machines. The first three years of use are free of charge.
    A remote connection can be made to the forestry machine on any PC connected to the internet, or on a tablet. Web link to login page requires user name and password, thus enabling access only to restricted number of forest machines assigned to the user in http://jdlink.deere.com

    Web access

    Navigate to http://jdlink.deere.com and you will get an up-to-date equipment overview and information. Express/Select display shows the machine location, engine hours and alerts. When you are in the Ultimate display, you will have more detailed machine information. You can see the fuel consumption and utilization based on engine load.

    From the Hours of Operation screen you can quickly see the total operating hours per each month.

    Overview of the displayExpress/Select display shows the most important data in a quick view.

    Engine utilization chart
    Engine utilization is shown in a simple chart.

    Hours of operation chart
    Hours of operation in a chart.



    Smartphone and tablet

    Forest machine location, current base machine and TimberMatic alarms can also be quickly checked using a tablet or a smart phone. Also, if you are on your way to your machine, you can trigger the navigator from the map view and get guidance to your machine.

    • Software for the iPad tablet can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore.
    • Software for the Android devices can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play

    You can check the latest alarms. With the location you can also get driving instructions.

    Watch a Flash-demo about the mobile connection.

    • Learn more about JDLink Machine Monitoring

      A Guide to JDLink Machine Monitoring

      Learn more about JDLink Machine Monitoring System in an easy-to-read infographic.

        View infographic in detail

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