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Baler Parts

Maintaining your baler in tip top condition will minimize any downtime and ensure perfect bales every time. So why not invest in an automatic chain lubricating system to cut down on daily maintenance and extend the life of your roller chain. Or choose our knife sharpening system which will keep your knives perfectly sharp and reduce fuel consumption.
Diamond Thread Baler Belts

Diamond Thread Baler Belts

Three-ply nylon and polyester construction makes the belts stiff enough to resist curling, yet flexible enough to lift the crop off the pick-up teeth and roll tight, uniform-density bales.

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Plate Type Belt Splice

Plate Type Belt Splice

Our belt splices are one of the strongest on the market–strong enough to pick up a 4 tonne tractor!

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Affinity Products

Affinity Products

Fuel saving maintenance products. Proper maintenance will keep your baler working at peak efficiency and save you fuel.

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Crop packaging

Crop Packaging Products

John Deere crop packaging products give you the best bales –bar none. It’s not just about neat, round bales which are easier to handle and less waste, it’s about preserving the quality of the forage.

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