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John Deere 1110E forwarder upgraded to meet the IT4 emission regulations

The popular John Deere 1110E forwarder now comes with an IT4 engine as well as many other enhancements. The new model completes the John Deere mid-size forwarder series with similar features as in the previously launched 1210E IT4 and 1510E IT4 models. With the new engine, the 1110E meets the EPA Interim Tier 4/EU Stage 3B emission regulations. The engine has 6% higher torque. The tractive force remains at 160 kN but can be better utilized as the drive motor now has nine pistons instead of the earlier seven. This improves starting off at low rpms, along with the increases in the drive motor volume from 160 to 170 cc and the drive pump volume from 140 to 145 cc.

John Deere 1110E IT4The 1110E IT4 is equipped with a new generation headboard that gives better visibility to the load space. This new feature speeds up especially unloading as the visibility to the grapple is improved. The machine has a 12 ton load capacity and the wide load space can be expanded to 4.6 m².

The SBC boom control is a standard feature of John Deere 1110E IT4. It filters out jerky joystick movements making the boom control exact and increasing the lifetime of the boom. SBC also makes the operator’s work more comfortable by smoothing out awkward pulls and jerks even with the maximum reach of the boom. SBC can speed the boom operating up by up to 10-15% without compromising accuracy.  

The boom can also be equipped with the Intelligent Boom Control (IBC), which according to customers, makes loading and unloading more effective and increases productivity generally with an extra load per day. When using IBC, the entire boom is controlled as one unit and the operator does not need to control independent boom joint movements separately. In addition, the IBC has electric end damping for all main boom movement directions.

The 1110E IT4 forwarder also comes with a short wheelbase. The 40 cm shorter wheelbase has been achieved by moving the rear axle forward without having to compromise on load space. The forwarder remains stable and it has even better agility, which is a real advantage especially on thinning sites.

The 1110E IT4 forwarder comes with a three-year free licence for the JDLink remote monitoring system as default. Keeping up with key performance data remotely at the office or on the go using a mobile device is easy with the JDLink system. Uptime remains high when changes in productivity are spotted early on and action can be taken without delay. When you opt for a John Deere Maintenance Agreement, maintenance intervals for the 1110E IT4 can be extended to 750, 1,500 and 3,000 hours, which means approximately 20% savings in maintenance costs.

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