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John Deere Forestry introduces an extensive range of products and service solutions at the FinnMETKO trade fair in Jämsänkoski, Central Finland, on August 28‒30, 2014. Visit John Deere Forestry on stand number 112.

For the first time in Finland, visitors will have the opportunity to see the 1070E and 1170E harvesters with IT4 engines, the new H413 and H415 harvester heads, and the CH9 harvester boom for John Deere's biggest harvester model, the 1470E IT4, among many other new products. Also presented is the 8-wheel 1270E IT4 harvester. In terms of forwarders, the most recent 1210E and 1510E models, both with IT4 engines, will be on display, as well as a fixed cabin as an alternative to the rotating and levelling model. The stand has a test track where visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to test for themselves the intuitive boom control system IBC (Intelligent Boom Control), first presented at the 2013 ElmiaWood fair in Sweden.

At FinnMETKO John Deere Forestry will also be presenting the most extensive machine fleet management solutions on the market. Visitors will be able to test our JDLink remote management system that allows monitoring of the location, uptime, fuel consumption and service needs of individual forest machines. JDLink also now enables follow-up of fuel consumption per cubic meter produced. The new function will be demonstrated at the fair.

The new products and service solutions will enhance our customers' business and productivity.  To boost our customers' success, we invest heavily in development of reliable and productive machines, new product features and service solutions that facilitate successful forest machine business.
ForestSight ‒ the most extensive service solutions on the market

John Deere provides forest machine customers with the widest range of service solutions on the market, enabling management of the whole fleet as well as follow-up of each individual machine. The ForestSight service offering covers all John Deere solutions, and customers can select the ones that suit their individual needs.

Fleet management solutions

The JDLink remote monitoring system sends real-time alerts and useful information on the location, usage, fuel consumption and service needs of each machine, directly to the office workstation, tablet or smartphone. At FinnMETKO, John Deere will be presenting new JDLink features, such as the follow-up of fuel consumption per m3. Those buying an E-series IT4 model machine can use JDLink free of charge for three years. An aftersales JDLink kit is available for older E-series models.

The TimberOffice fleet management system is a forest machine contractor's tool kit for following up production data as well as for monitoring the performance and service needs of their forest machines. Machine information can now be collected and utilised even more efficiently than before, thanks to the new TimberOffice software, and this speeds up operative decision-making which in turn can boost both the competitiveness and profitability of the contractor's business. The system is not restricted to John Deere machines alone; it can handle information gathered from other forest machines as well.

Service and maintenance solutions

Timber Care service programs are designed to maintain the high productivity and optimised uptime of John Deere  forest machines. The TimberCare PREMIUM service contract ensures a predictable maintenance cost level. Maintenance intervals for E-series IT4 models can now be set to be longer than before: instead of the earlier maintenance intervals of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 hours, we can now offer intervals that are the longest on the market, 750, 1,500 and 3,000 hours. The longer service intervals can bring our customers up to 20% savings in service costs.

Tuning Day is a maintenance offering that covers testing a machine's technical condition, settings, pressures and performance, all in practical situations and in the daily working environment. The structure of the Tuning Day can be adapted individually: emphasis can be on technical issues or on the driver's working methods, or both, as agreed.

Oil services cover oil analysis and oil filtering service. Regular oil analyses are an excellent means of following up on the machine's overall condition, and an important part of machine maintenance. Oil analysis reveals possible future problems early on, and often prevents expensive, unplanned repairs. The SuperCaddy oil filtering system filters out water and impurities from the hydraulics oil, thus prolonging the lifetime of the oil. A SuperCaddy unit is on display at the fair.

Training solutions

John Deere training simulators can now be enhanced with a realistic training environment that provides a unique opportunity to learn new skills and improve those already acquired. A personalised learning environment is created for each student and the teacher can add new tasks as each student makes progress.

Parts Service

The components of the John Deere REMAN program are a good alternative for repaired service parts, and sometimes they are even better than new. First, the REMAN components are fully taken down, then cleaned and inspected, and finally they are assembled again just like the original ones, complete with either newly machined or new parts and components. When installed by an authorised John Deere service shop, the REMAN components are given a spare parts guarantee of 12 months.

Performance Plus consists of grapples, working lights, filters and other accessories that are designed to endure the tough forest environment and to guarantee the reliability and productivity of the forest machine. New Performance Plus accessories will be presented at the FinnMETKO fair.
Mid-size IT4 harvesters ‒ loaded with power, easy to handle

The agile and powerful John Deere 1070E and 1170E IT4 harvesters are equipped with bigger work pumps for more power and torque in comparison with corresponding Tier-3 models. The 1170E IT4 harvester is equipped with a larger 175 cm³ pump and the 1070E IT4 harvester is equipped with a larger 160 cm³ pump for increased oil flow which enables efficient use of the Processing Power Control (PPC) feature, now also introduced in the new mid-size harvesters. The increased power increases working efficiency and operating comfort. Bigger pumps boost feeding speed and enhance measuring accuracy. Both of these new models are powered by John Deere 6068 PowerTech™ Plus series turbo-charged 6-cylinder 6.8 litre engines. Work is comfortable due to the decreased engine noise and the ergonomic, rotating and levelling cabin that offers excellent visibility.

Processing Power Control system

Processing Power Control (PPC) is another industry-leading innovation from John Deere. PPC comes as standard on all new John Deere harvesters and enhances productivity and fuel economy with three different power levels for different logging conditions. PPC levels range from an energy-saving mode to a boost mode. In energy-saving mode, machine performance is optimized in terms of maximum fuel economy. The middle level optimizes machine performance for operating on normal timber sizes. Boost mode provides full power performance for harvesting exceptionally large and heavy timber.

New harvester head models H413 and H415

The H413 harvester head optimises delimbing coverage and quality. The harvester head has been enforced with a new frame structure and new hydraulics boost productivity. Daily maintenance of the harvester head is now simpler and more effortless than ever. The frame structure is slightly longer, which enhances control when felling trees. The new hydraulic valve solution streamlines hydraulic cylinders and motors, which will extend the life of the hoses.

The bigger H415 harvester head is constructed in a very similar manner. It works seamlessly with the new CH9 harvester boom that is tailored to suit the largest 1470E IT4 harvester in particular. The durable and accurate John Deere harvester booms and heads are world class.

To speed up mass and energy wood processing further, the harvester heads can be enhanced with multi-tree handling (MTH) equipment, or the automatic multi-tree handling function of the TimberMatic system can be switched on.

8-wheeled 1270E IT4 harvester

At FinnMETKO, John Deere will present an 8-wheel version of its popular 1270E harvester. The 8-wheel option is especially designed for steep slopes and, owing to decreased surface pressure, soft soil applications. This option offers 20% more power and strong Duraxle™ bogie axles with customized balancing gear units for excellent climbing ability and traction. The harvester is very stable, and its high ground clearance and large approach angle guarantee excellent performance in demanding terrain conditions. The levelling and rotating cabin ensures optimal working ergonomics.

IBC makes working easy, fast and productive

With the Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) system, the boom is accurate, fast and easy to operate, as the operator now controls the boom tip directly instead of controlling each of the independent boom joint movements separately. By eliminating unnecessary extra movements, this system increases the durability of boom structures and hydraulic cylinders. These features significantly improve an operator's working speed, and boost the productivity of even more skilled operators when loading takes less time than before. For new and less experienced operators, IBC significantly accelerates their learning curve and productivity. IBC is available for John Deere forwarders. It can be tested on the test track at the John Deere stand.

The mid-size E-series IT4 forwarders

John Deere 1210E IT4 forwarder has a lot of power and traction, and features improvements to the boom control. 1210E IT4-model has forest-tough bogie axles, enhanced V-groove axle mounts as well as strong frame and middle joint for exceptional uptime throughout the machine’s lifetime.

John Deere 1510E IT4 is one of the strongest forwarders and its capacity and power have been enhanced further with a bigger hydraulic work pump and a stronger engine. As with the 1210E IT4 model, this one also has bogie axles that enhance productivity and uptime, V-groove axle mounts, a strong frame and middle joint. The 1510E IT4 is a combination of excellent transporting features and reliable quality.

Both forwarders feature a new, more durable headboard design that significantly improves the operator's visibility of boom and grapple movements. The good visibility speeds up especially unloading. The cross-sectional area of the 1210E IT4 can be increased to 4.7 m² for the wide load space option, and the load space can be increased up to 5.3 m² on the 1510E IT4 model.

The John Deere 1210E and 1510E IT4 forwarders come with a John Deere 6068 PowerTech™ Plus, turbo-charged, charge air-cooled, 6-cylinder, 6.8 litre engine.

Fixed cabin available for forwarders

As an alternative for rotating and levelling cabins, fixed cabins are now available for E-series forwarders. The panels and seats are the same as on the rotating model, as are the other components and accessories. This facilitates maintenance and the availability of spare parts. The concept is different, but the operator has excellent visibility, and the fixed cabin offers great comfort and ergonomic working environment.

ForestSight solutions
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