You've never been in control like this before.

You've never been in control like this before.

Introducing the TechControl Display.

Available on all of our new A Model Fairway, Rough, & Trim and Surround Mowers. Get ready for the future and take a look at how these machines will change the way you and your team take care of your course.

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TechControl Panel

More Control

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Turn Speed

This is something greenkeepers & superintendents will really love: the Turn Speed screen lets you slow down a mower to a percentage of the mowing speed as the cutting units are lifted after a pass, greatly reducing scuffing. The mower then resumes its normal speed after the reels are lowered back down for the next pass.

Transport Speed

Similar to the Mow Speed screen, the Transport Speed is set electronically and no tools are needed. You determine the speed at which your operators transport along paths just by using the Turtle and Rabbit action buttons.

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Mow Speed

The Mow Speed screen can set mower’s mow speed simply and quickly. No tools are needed. Using the Turtle and Rabbit icon buttons, you set the mow speed down or up.

Mow speed settings

Consistent Cut Quality


Thanks to LoadMatch, if the cutting units or decks come under heavy load while mowing, the machine’s traction speed will slow allowing cutting units or decks to maintain cut quality. Not available on E-Cut Hybrid models.

Fast and Accurate Diagnostics

Service Reminders

Technicians can set service timers to indicate when it is the time to change hydraulic and engine oil.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are now stored within the TechControl to aid the technician in the field. Technicians can preset service reminders on the machine as well.

I/O Status

I/O Status

The Input/Output status screens will display open and closed circuits, helping to pinpoint where an issue may be occurring.



Backlapping for E-Cut Hybrids is now electronically engaged and controlled through the TechControl display.

TechControl is available exclusively for A Model mowers.

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