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John Deere S-Series Combines

Maximum productivity and excellent grain quality!

The new DynaFlo Plus cleaning shoe offers up to 5% more performance in conditions where the cleaning shoe is the limiting factor. The new Active Terrain Adjustment increases cleaning shoe performance up to 40% in hilly terrain. While driving uphill or downhill the chaffer, sieve and fan speed automatically adjusts to the inclination present. Unique in the industry, this System considers the crop type e.g. rape seed or wheat when making these changes.

With the new 12.20m 640PF with a 760 mm large intake auger and conveyor belt you can tackle any crop from tall and green rape to down crop and feed the combine without problems. In down crop conditions you can change the header angle, lower the knife and slip underneath the crop using the new hydraulic fore aft feederhouse tilt. This will increase harvesting speed in these conditions up to 20%. The new optional air compressor lets you clean your combine easily and after the job is done you can travel home with a transport speed of up to 40 km/h.

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John Deere T-Series Combines

Quality combined with Efficiency!

The new T-Series delivers up to 15% more capacity compared to the previous T-Series and enters a new dimension of performance. Both, 5- and 6 walker combines provide the performance of a Hybrid or Rotor combine but keep the advantages of a walker combine: Excellent fuel efficiency as well as good straw and grain quality. For example the T670 6 walker combine competes well with a Rotor or Hybrid combines carrying a 9.00m header.

The compact 3.30 m wide 5-walker combine T560 offers the performance of a 6 walker and competes with Rotor or Hybrid combines in the 7.50m header-size-class!

This is all due to the large active separation- and cleaning shoe area paired with the unique and smooth crop flow of this multi-drum walker concept. The new T-Series: Simply walker 2.0!

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John Deere W-Series Combines

High throughput, top grain quality!

The Quick-engage Booster Bar of the new W-Series adds capacity to the 660mm diameter threshing drum and the large active separation area. The large drum with 10 rasp bars gently separates the grain out of the ears delivering top grain and straw quality. The new DynaFlo Plus cleaning shoe can also be found in the W-Series with the same benefits as in the larger S-Series and T-Series. The W-Series offers a fast crop conversion thanks to the 600X header, up to 125 l unloading rate, 40 km/h transport speed and tracks as well. Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) let you optimize your combine to get the maximum out of it. Paired with top Technology like remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer.

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John Deere W330/W440 Compact Combines

Compact and user-friendly combine with higher threshing capacity

Outstanding performance in a light-weight and compact format is what these 5- and 6 walker combines offer. You get top of the line features like touch screen Display or the active tailings return system! The large 500mm threshing cylinder with 8 rasp bars delivers excellent performance, good grain quality and the large walker and cleaning shoe areas guarantee a low loss level. The pre-threshing cylinder (base on W330, option on W440) adds 20% more performance especially under wet and green harvesting conditions.

Be ready for minimum tillage with the optional chaff spreader and stay flexible with the comfort chopper which lets you quickly switch from chopping straw to dropping it.

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