1070GWheeled Harvester

  • 4W or 6W options available
  • Improved visibility with new rear frame design
  • Configurable TimberMatic control system
  • Driving to tree

    The boom tip automatically follows the desired trajectory.

    Choosing hill mode makes the trajectory suitable for working on a slope.

    Driving to tree
  • Optimal harvesting height

    The harvester head is driven to the optimal harvesting height.

    The system guides the use of the extension intelligently during different work phases and reduces stress on the boom.

    Parallel-in movement
  • Also in long reaches

    Intelligent control of the boom turning

    Intelligent control of the boom turning improves the control of movements also in long reaches. The boom is easy to use and precise to operate, which is especially beneficial in thinning.

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    Harvester boom movement in long reaches