• 135 hp (99 kW) max power (97/68EC)
  • 4.5 l engine with 4 cylinders
  • 4.1 m turning radius and 2.35 m wheelbase
  • Optional Powr8™ EcoShift transmission
  • 4.4 t and 2.65 m high

Passion for farming

Introducing the 5M, the all-in-one tractor for the diverse demands of modern farming. Compact, light, and with muscle to spare, the 5M combines outstanding agility with expert loader performance. Its wide-view cab provides unparalleled visibility, complemented by fingertip shifting for effortless transitions on the road. For exceptional field performance, the 5 M’s Powr8™ EcoShift transmission boasts eight power-shiftable gears for consistent power, while AutoTrac minimises overlap and maximises efficiency.