• 95 hp rated power (97/68/EC) + 10 hp IPM
  • 4,5 l engine with 4 cylinders
  • 5,5 t and 2,4m wheelbase
  • Full frame concept, PFC hydraulics and CommandQuad Plus transmission

For more performance on road and off, the premium 6RC Series are the tractor of choice. They have all the qualities of the 6MC tractors, but can be specified with more powerful and sophisticated systems and equipment.

All 6RC tractors have 4WD and optional Triple Link Suspension (TLS) for the front axle makes the going more comfortable and productive. There’s also the enhanced precision of John Deere Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC Basic), and on-demand power boost provided by Intelligent Power Management (IPM). In addition, Pressure and Flow Compensated (PFC) hydraulics are standard in 6RC tractors, providing a flow rate of up to 114 l/min.