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9RX 640 sets new 24 Hours Tillage Record

The 9RX 640 took the challenge in July 2023: within 24 hours the 9RX pulling an 18.40 m cultivator set a new record cultivating in total 769.40 ha, using incredibly low 3.1 l/ha fuel. (Profi 09.2023)

  • Final 24 hours hectares performance: 769.40 ha
  • Outstanding 32.6 ha/h average performance
  • Incredibly low 3.1 l/ha fuel consumption
Efficient Power Transfer

Efficient Power Transfer

Designed exclusively for 9 Series tractors, the e18™ transmission is a proven performer that’s been re-engineered to manage the higher power and torque of the new engines.

Huge implement capacity

Huge implement capacity

The 9 Series tractors handle the biggest implements available and offers massive traction thanks to a wide range of ballasting options. We’ll let the numbers do the talking: 9 tonnes of maximum lift capacity, up to 8 hydraulic SCVs, and a maximum ballast of 30,390 kg.

Luxurious ride comfort

Luxurious ride comfort

Enjoy less back muscle stress and better posture with easier breathing from a super comfortable seat that feels amazing and keeps you relaxed and alert all day. Our 9R tractor models are available with the John Deere ActiveSeat™ II, which eliminates up to 90% of back-straining vertical movement.

Benchmark visibility

Benchmark visibility

When it comes to visibility, we insist on zero compromises. That starts with a panoramic view and optional integrated front and rear cameras and extends to 360° LED lighting with 24 LED work lights with 60% more lumen output in the ultimate lighting package.

Intuitive control

Intuitive control

The 9 Series is about smart power - using sophisticated agricultural technology to make tractor operation more straightforward and productive than ever. All controls are within easy reach, and the touchscreen CommandCenter™ with shortcuts and context-sensitive help makes navigation as effortless as it gets.

Next level automation

Next level automation

On top of all the Premium Activation features, you’ll also enjoy the added productivity benefits of AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance Passive, AutoPath™ and Machine Sync.

  • 9R

    This powerful wheeled tractor offers a wide choice of models with outputs up to 691 hp. The optional HydraCushion™ front axle suspension prevents power hop so you won’t have to throttle back when you’re pushing at the limit either. Long working days are more relaxing too, thanks to the spacious and well-equipped cab which is also available with the super comfortable ActiveSeat™ II.

    9R Tractor
  • HydraCushion™ Suspension System

    The HydraCushion™ Suspension System uses electronic and computer controls that monitor tractor functions and axle position. Based on those inputs, the electrical system automatically triggers hydraulic functions to raise, lower, or remain static.

  • 9RT

    The 9RT tractor is perfect for heavy straight line pulling applications in fields with light soil, limited side hill slopes and large enough headlands to allow soft turns without too much soil scrubbing. The AirCushion™ suspension isolates the chassis from the troughs and ridges of uneven ground, providing an unexpectedly high level of ride comfort.

    9RT Tractor
  • AirCushion™ undercarriage suspension

    Two airbags and a heavy-duty shock absorber smooth out the bumps. Additional cushioning is provided by extra strong bushings which act as pivot points for the two tracks.

  • 9RX

    Our most productive 4-track tractor ever, with ballasting options up to 30,391 kg. Its total footprint is up to 119% more than wheels and 42% more than two tracks. Traction is fully maintained even when turning under loads and it produces minimal berming on end rows. The narrow transport width, 40 km/h maximum road speed and 4-post cab suspension make moving between fields easy.

    9RX Tractor
  • Built solid

    To handle the massive horsepower the main sprocket now has 20 mounting holes with stronger bolts. The drive sprocket bushings and rollers have also been upgraded to thicker materials.

Farm first class

You’re in for a roomy, luxurious cab experience like no other in this class of tractor. Every little detail has been thought of to make your day in the cab more enjoyable and productive - from a 65° swivel seat, 6.1 surround sound, and an 11 L fridge to responsive air conditioning.

Efficient power

Welcome to the all-new, next-generation JD14 (John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6 L) engine with up to 691 hp max engine Power (ECE-R120). Huge power reserves, total reliability, and excellent fuel economy await you, along with a 3.4% increase in efficiency, 50% less engine noise, and 27% better serviceability.

9 Series

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