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Exact N-application according to target rate

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Both values (nitrogen applied in kg/ha and volume applied in m3/ha) are measured simultaneously at the same pass over the field. The target rate for nitrogen was set to 40 kg/ha (right hand side). In order to achieve this with the inhomogeneous manure the volume applied had to be adjusted significantly to achieve the constant N application (left hand side).

HarvestLab 3000Precision Ag Technology

  • Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to analyze various constituents within harvested crops, silage or slurry (one sensor, three applications)
  • Enables automated length of cut adjustment based on dry matter content (crop harvesting)
  • Analysis of constituents not only during filling but also during application (slurry)
  • Use as laboratory unit at a storage facility or office allowing accurate feed rationing and livestock health.