• M900 Trailed Sprayer

M944Trailed Sprayer

  • 4,400 l tank volume
  • 620 l rinse tank
  • 2 x 280 l/min pump capacity (max 250 l/min to boom)
  • Optional automatic tank filling system (free programmable)

M944 trailed sprayer – simply ideal

Whether you’re growing cereals or high-end speciality crops, you’ll be able to configure your ideal M944 Series trailed sprayer the most cost-effective way; with the perfect specification for your operations. No more, and no less than you need, and no unnecessary outlay for superfluous technology. That’s the philosophy behind our new M900/M900i trailed sprayer.

It’s an impressive performer based on the successful R900i Series, sharing the same large tank cradled in the same robust chassis for unsurpassed operational stability. All manual controls and adjustments are optimized for ease of operation, and it is particularly easy to service and maintain.