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Expert Check: Winter doesn’t stand a chance

Our thorough off-season inspection of your sprayer focuses on proper winterisation to ensure maximum in-season uptime. This detailed technical examination has a number of benefits: it helps prevent uneven application, lowers your chemicals bill, and can help your machine pass the official sprayer test without a hitch. Get set for winter and get your sprayer ready for top performance in the next season.

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Beat the Freeze

Proper winterisation protects your sprayer from frost and its detriments – your sprayer will be cleaned, drained, and filled with antifreeze.

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Get a thorough off-season inspection of your sprayer for maximum in-season uptime. Schedule your Expert Check now.

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All you need, one price 

The all-inclusive rates of our All-in Packages will save you cash. Once you know the results of the Expert Check, you decide what work you want us to perform – for one fixed price that includes all parts and labour.

Sprayer Solution Pump Overhaul

Have a check-up of the heart of your sprayer! Service includes an overhaul of the solution pump, check and partial replacement of spray nozzles and final tests to make sure your sprayer meets national regulations such as NSTS, SKL and JKI.

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Ask your dealer for the all-inclusive prices for the above installations!
All work is performed with special John Deere tools and the latest parts installation instructions from the factory.