Expert Check for combines

Expert Check for combines
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  • Top performance

    Top performance

  • Reduced cost of operation

    Reduced cost of operation

all in packages

All you need, one Price 

Our popular fixed-price packages feature one all-inclusive rate for parts and labour to save you cash. Decide what work you want done based on your Expert Check results and pay just one price.

Combine Header Premium PackageCombine Header Premium PackageCombine Header Premium Package

Combine Header Premium Package


Take no chances. We’ll adjust auger rear strippers, replace the full cutterbar, check for clutch, belt and chain slip.

Combine Airconditioning PackageCombine Airconditioning PackageCombine Airconditioning Package

Combine Airconditioning Package


Let’s get your air conditioning ready for that next hot summer. Systems naturally leak gas and should be recharged every two years. Service includes cab air filter replacement, refrigerant draining, cleaning and recharging, and more.

Combine Engine PackageCombine Engine PackageCombine Engine Package

Combine Engine Package


Maintain maximum engine performance and extend its lifetime with genuine lubricants and filters. Service includes filter replacement, oil change and engine compression check.

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Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Ordering parts has never been easier! All the parts you need are just one click away.


Expert Check 7+

We designed and priced our Expert Check 7+ specifically for those of your machines aged seven years or older. Book this service to keep their performance high and operating costs low.


Ask your dealer for the all-inclusive prices for the above installations!
All work is performed with special John Deere tools and the latest parts installation instructions from the factory.