Expert Check for Balers


Expert Check: a trouble-free Season

Boost your uptime and ensure peak performance by bringing your baler in for a thorough point-by-point technical check that’s all about keeping you productive when it counts.


Our Experts don’t miss a thing

They will thoroughly examine the drive system, bearings, chains, wearing parts, gears, belts, and the electrical system to produce a full report on your baler’s status and needs.

Book your Uptime Expert

Get our detailed point-by-point technical check to make sure your baler lives up to its maximum uptime and performance potential next season.

Expert Check for balers
all in packages

All you need, one price 

The all-inclusive rates of our All-in Packages will save you cash. Once you know the results of the Expert Check, you decide what work you want us to perform – for one fixed price that includes all parts and labour.


Variable Chamber Round Baler Package

Make your baler perform like new! Service includes replacement of the pre-cutter knives, the belt connector and replacement of the strippers as needed.


Fixed Chamber Round Baler Package

Sharpen the bite of your baler! Restore the pick-up and rolls to optimum working conditions for now and the next season. Service includes replacement of 52 pick-up teeth, partial replacement of the strippers and check of all chains, gears and the lubrication function.

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Ask your dealer for the all-inclusive prices for the above installations!
All work is performed with special John Deere tools and the latest parts installation instructions from the factory.