Expert Check 7+

Expert Check

Long live your John Deere. Book your Expert Check!

This inspection service is perfect for you if your John Deere tractor is seven years or older. Expert Check 7+ produces a detailed report that outlines your tractor’s condition. You’ll receive specific recommendations for fixing potential issues and repairs using John Deere Original, Reman, or Alternatives parts. That’s how you can keep your tractor’s performance level high and its operating costs low.

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  • Uptime


  • Reduced cost of operation

    Reduced cost of operation

  • Optimal safety

    Optimal safety

  • More comfort

    More comfort

  • Combines

    Has your combine been performing faithfully for a few years now? Make sure it stays that way for seasons to come, and make the Expert Check 7+ the cornerstone of your annual maintenance.

  • Forage Harvesters

    Every chopping season is tough on your forage harvester. But it’s been hanging in there for you. Give it an Expert Check 7+ and look forward to flawless performance in your next season.

    Forage Harvesters
  • Balers

    Your baler has been through thick and thin with you for several seasons. Add some strong years to its performance and do an Expert Check 7+ every year.

  • Sprayers

    Your sprayer is a complex machine. The Expert Check 7+ ensures that you can keep it in perfect working order so that even an older model will comply with national regulations such as NSTS, SKL and JKI.

all in packages

All you need, one price

The all-inclusive rates of our All-in Packages will save you cash. Once you know the results of the Expert Check, you decide what work you want us to perform – for one fixed price that includes all parts and labour.

Certified Quality

Certified Quality

Alternatives by John Deere are your best parts choice for machines that do not experience the high-intensity use of your primary equipment. These competitively priced parts also go through a John Deere certification process that ensures they will always fit better than parts from other manufacturers.

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Expert Check

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