Original John Deere LED Lights

It’s a perfect fit

Did you know that genuine John Deere LED lights are not only more powerful, but also more energy efficient than halogen lights? Their natural light output lets you see more and keeps your eyes fresh, while you get longer battery and alternator life.

LED Lights

Energy efficiency that shines brightly

We offer LEDs with a wide range of light outputs (lumens) to fulfil individual needs for light output and costs. The most powerful lights with 3000 effective lumens, outperform HID’s in width and depth, while providing the brightest and clearest light with less battery drain.

Here’s what you should know about LED lights: Many aftermarket lights advertise very high lumen ratings. Often these numbers reflect only the raw or theoretical maximum lumen rating of an LED light, because their effective lumens are very low.

Effective lumens are the accurate rating of the light in normal use. John Deere lights are rated in both raw and effective lumens so that you can accurately compare outputs. LED lights from John Deere will always give you the most performance for your money.

  • John Deere LED lights – made for your John Deere


    There are two different kinds of LED lights available:

    – Direct replacement LED lights are built to fit perfectly the position of the original halogen light. The easy plug’n’play installation brings you smoothly to the next light level.

    – Pedestal LED lights can be mounted in a variety of locations of your machine wherever you need additional lighting.


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